ÉMINENCE GRISE   [French ey-mee-nahns -greez]


  1. A person of great power and influence who operates “behind the scenes.” ENGLISH: “Grey Eminence.” 


Women have been running the world from behind the scenes for millennia. Feminine strength is intuitive, creative, and magnetic. We are the embodiment of unspoken power. We are the Éminence Grise.


The ÉMINENCE GRISE wardrobe is designed to wordlessly convey power to all who lay eyes on you. A curated blend of on-trend and vintage-inspired styles, our silhouettes are crafted from high-quality, long-lasting materials designed to flatter. Pieces that bear our label are made to last, easily styled and reimagined. These are the clothes you’ll reach for daily that will last for decades.


Our planet needs us - all of us - to step up. Here’s how we’re doing our part: Small-batch production ensures we make only what we need. 100% carbon neutral shipping via DHL Go Green. By 2021, at least 50% of our fabrics will be sustainably sourced from grade-A recycled, salvaged, and natural materials.


ÉMINENCE GRISE approaches fashion as a collaborative exercise. We believe that creativity thrives with a multitude of influences. From designers and photographers to influencers and performance artists, we support rising, talented creatives through every collection. Want to collaborate? Get in touch.